Spill Kit - 240Litre General Purpose (SK240)

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  • General purpose spill kit that can be used with any liquid spills including, oil, petrol, diesel, liquid chemicals, paint etc.
  • The spill kit contains a mixture of loose absorbent fibre, absorbent socks, pillows and pads as well as the necessary PPE including gloves, safety specs, coveralls and a respirator plus instruction card and disposal bag.
  • The wheelie bin is easily identified as a spill kit and should be placed in a prominent position near where liquids are stored or used.
  • Absorbs up to 240L.
  • Note: General purpose kits are not suitable for some strong acids including Nitric and Hydrofluoric Acid.
  • Contents:
2 x 50L Compressed Bails UltraZorb Fibre

1 Pair Safety Glasses

45 x Universal Absorbent Pads

1 Pair Disposable Coveralls

2 x 2.4m UltraZorb Socks

1 Pair PVC Gloves

1 x 1.2m UltraZorb Sock

2 x Disposal Bags with Cable Ties

2 x Absorbent Pillows

1 x Brush & Pan Set

P2 N95 Disposable Respirator

1 x Instruction Card



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