Miller Turbolite Type 2 Retractable Fall Arrest Device (MFL_1/2M-AUS)

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The Miller TurboLite is a small and light fully compliant retractable Fall Arrest Block designed to be used as a personal fall limiter arresting free fall within millimeters.

  • • Retractable technology prevents trip hazards while built in swivel prevents lifeline twisting.
    • Lightweight aluminum connectors reduce weight while maintaining the strength needed to support workers
  • • Arrests a fall within millimetres.
  • • Provides 2m working capacity lifeline.
  • • Compact and lightweight with strong, impact resistant nylon housing.
  • • Connector bracket can be retrofitted to any TurboLite model and easily transforms two TurboLite PFLs into a complete tie-off fall protection system.
  • • Eliminates need for different fall protection equipment to address fall clearance.
  • • Can be used in horizontal and foot level applications where an overhead anchorage point is unavailable (refer to supplementary instructions on horizontal usage).

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