Scaffold Hook - 56MM (M1010005)

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The Miller® Levitator Adjustable Lanyard offers
workers the flexibility to easily adjust the length
of their lanyard to suit any fall arrest
application. This specially designed product,
featuring a unique “tape measure” design, and
allows the user to easily identify the length of the
adjustment at a glance.
⇒ Patented measurement design printed
onto the webbing so the worker can easily
see the working length of the lanyard.
⇒ Printed increments every 200mm
⇒ Allows the user to minimise fall risks by
adjusting the lanyard to suit the job.
⇒ Brightly coloured webbing to assess
worker compliance.
⇒ A choice of connection terminations to suit
any application.
⇒ Maximum length of adjustment is 2mtrs
⇒ Fully adjustable down to 800mm (850mm
for version with ladder hook)
⇒ Any excess webbing can be parked in an
elastic keeper.
⇒ All models are complete with an integral
energy absorber.
⇒ Certified to Australian and New Zealand
Standards AS/NZS 1891.1 - 2007.

⇒ To adjust the lanyard, draw the webbing through the buckle
and then feed it through the loop, then back through the
buckle. Slide the buckle along the webbing to decrease the
loose material.
⇒ To adjust the length of the lanyard, slide the webbing through
the oval shaped link until the desired length is reached.
⇒ Materials - 43mm heavy duty polyester webbing with drop
forged alloy steel double acting hooks.
⇒ Weight 1.5kg
⇒ Any work at height application
⇒ EWP work
⇒ Scaffolding
⇒ Construction & Maintenance
⇒ Work Positioning & restraint applications




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