Harness - Basic Certified (M1020083)

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PRODUCT INFORMATION The Explorer Miners harness features the best parts of the traditional Explorer miners belt, and incorporates it with a full body harness to suit fall protection situations in mining. PRODUCT FEATURES ⇒ Frontal fall arrest dees & rear dorsal dee. ⇒ Vest style design, making it simple to don ⇒ Explorer miner’s belt incorporating battery and self-rescuer straps. ⇒ Available in small, medium and large. ⇒ Double acting attachment hook at front. ⇒ Equipped with a label pack housing all relevant harness information including donning instructions, connection instructions, AS/NZS 1891.1 2007 certification and inspection grid. The label pack is also equipped with an over sized pull-free lanyard ring enabling the user to temporarily park a lanyard. ⇒ Fully adjustable chest strap and waist strap. ⇒ Fully adjustable shoulder straps. ⇒ Fully adjustable leg straps. ⇒ Shoulder straps with retro reflective tape. ⇒ Back pad offering greater back support and stability. ⇒ All attachment points are clearly labelled and define the application of the attachment. ⇒ Brightly coloured webbing enables the user to be easily identified whilst working


TECHNICAL INFORMATION ⇒ Manufactured from heavy duty and lightweight 43mm polyester webbing. ⇒ Weight 2kg STANDARDS ⇒ Certified to Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1891.1 - 2007. APPLICATIONS ⇒ Mining ⇒ Underground work at height.




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