Thunder T1F Folding Earmuff - Class 5 (1011600)

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The Thunder series features a robust non deforming dielectric construction that withstands use and abuse, while protecting workers in electrical environments.

Thunder also features Air Flow Control™ Technology which is standard on all earmuffs in the range.


  • Air Flow Control™ Technology for better, consistent attenuation, especially at low
  • Optimal protection for almost all noise frequency environments.
  • Dielectric Construction with a plastic headband that does not conduct electricity.
  • Suitable for virtually all workplaces, especially electrical and mining environments.
  • Folding design for easy storage.
  • Belt storage case available separately.
  • Broad ear cushions allow plenty of room for outer ear, and improves wearing comfort.
  • Snap in ear cushions makes cushion replacement quick and easy.
  • Individual comfort setting remains fixed while wearing.
  • Low profile earcup design.
  • SLC80 30dB Class 5


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